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Sedbergh Town Twinning

Sedbergh’s twin town is Zreče in Slovenia

Sedbergh has been twinned with Zreče since 2005. The twinning came about in an unusual way: via a television programme – you can read about it on How and Why We Entered Into a Twinning Arrangement.

The primary focus of Sedbergh’s twinning consists of Musical Visits +
What better way for people of different backgrounds and cultures to grow closer than by singing and dancing together? The traditional and folk music of an area teaches us something about the grounding of a culture and the way the people of that culture think and feel.
The people of Sedbergh (some of them at any rate) have been exchanging songs with their friends in Slovenia since the inception of the town twinning agreement between Sedbergh and Zreče. Slovenian songs are being sung in Sedbergh and further afield. And singers from around the UK have been hearing and exchanging songs in English, Slovene and other languages as a result of the contacts and friendships made between singers and choirs from our nations.
The links on the left beginning ‘Music’ describe visits of singers and dancers from the UK and Slovenia, with people from Sedbergh, or related to Sedbergh’s connections with Slovenia in some way. We encourage singing and dancing between the people of the UK and Slovenia. The links on these pages are not only about Sedbergh, they are also about our friends worldwide.
 and School Exchanges +
The annual visits of 13- to 14-year-olds from Sedbergh’s state secondary school, Settlebeck High School, to Slovenia, and the return visits of Slovenian students of a similar age to Sedbergh, have provided opportunities for the broadening of horizons and meeting of people from different lands and cultures that many young people here would otherwise have been denied.
The Settlebeck student group visiting Slovenia has included some young people with physical disabilities and some with special educational needs; this helps to foster cooperation and understanding of others.
The coming together of people across Europe and the close relationships and hand of friendship should always bind us in peace and prosperity.
Zreče town sign Sedbergh town sign
Town signs, (dvojčki = twin, mesta = towns)
Location map for Zreče
A view of Sedbergh’s twin town, Zreče and its surrounding hills

A view of Sedbergh's twin town, Zreče and its surrounding hills

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